CBAR Newsflash-June 2021


Dear Valued CBAR clients,


Are you being given the best security advice for yourself and your assets?

Currently there are thousands of companies offering some sort of security related service in South Africa.  Due to the high demand for security services, everyone with basic security or technical skills believes this to be a lucrative industry gravy train.

Either they offer cheap alarm systems or CCTV solutions which invariably prove to be inadequate or of poor quality.  These more often than not, end up being replaced due to poor coverage by a motion sensor / camera, or the inadequate resolution on a CCTV setup due to low quality cameras.

Similarly, other service providers believe they can charge exorbitant monthly service fees based on a perception of a service they offer.  Very often these clients still see crime continuing in their area, but are continually fleeced into believing they have the best service provider.  Window dressing is very often a front for companies’ inadequacies.

There are start-up companies or privateers appearing on a daily basis within the market place.  Companies such as CBAR have been registered for more than 23 years and have been corporate members of the South African Intruder Detection Services (SAIDSA) for over 16 years.

In order to qualify as a corporate member of SAIDSA, the company has to comply with the Register of Service Providers which include;

  • Being vetted, having the relevant experience and conform to acceptable standards.
  • Having the minimum number of employees and infrastructure to support the operational requirements.
  • Having a 24 hour contact and repair service 24/7/365.
  • Have all standards set down by SAIDSA pertaining to Monitoring, Armed Response and Technical installations.

Companies that are SAIDSA compliant make up only a fraction of all security service providers in South Africa due to strict standards of compliance. All sales consultants are trained to provide a client with the best possible security solution in accordance with the guidelines set down by the governing body, SAIDSA.

SAIDSA companies are inspected annually to ensure all these standards and service levels are maintained.

In addition, as an Armed Response service provider, we are expected to have the proper liability insurance in place, subject to bi-annual SAPS inspections, legal compliance according to Criminal Procedures Act 51 of 1977 and annual firearm accredited shooting courses as per regulation 21 of the Firearms Control Act.

Don’t be fooled or misled by alarm installers or Security service providers who offer cheap Armed Response or even cheaper alarm systems.  There are service providers who offer very little backup after the initial installation and seem to disappear some months later when technical issues arise.  CBAR has over the years been responsible for so many repairs to badly installed alarm / CCTV installations where inferior equipment or bad workmanship has created technical issues for the clients who decided on the installer based on price.

It is a big responsibility for any Security Service Provider to take control of a clients’ family’s security and the protection of their assets.  In turn we are completely reliant on the electronic security that is protecting you personally as well as your assets.

As the only local area bound Armed Reaction Company for well over 2 decades, we at CBAR take your security very seriously and constantly strive to provide the upper most tier in your security solution.


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Stay safe and all the very best for 2021.


Yours sincerely

Alan Kusevitsky and the CBAR team