Security advisory August 2020

Dear Valued CBAR client,


Our current statistics have shown an increase in break-ins into, primarily residential garages.

This is not something new, however there are periods when this type of crime peaks, such as at present.  

Please ensure you always remember to check that your garage door has physically closed once you have parked your vehicle inside , especially at night. Our armed reaction staff do find gates and garage doors open whilst doing random patrols, and inform the homeowners/tenants accordingly.

It is also recommended that garages be alarmed with a magnetic contact on the door and frame which should trigger an alarm activation if there is sufficient physical tampering with the structure of the door from a crowbar or other implement. A PIR motion sensor should also be installed to provide further volumetric detection . These additions to your garage security should constitute part of your alarm system and provide early warning to an intrusion into your garage.

Targeted items seem to include bicycles(some high end models cost more than small motor vehicles), sporting goods, power tools and the contents of motor vehicles parked inside.

Should you wish to have a no obligation assessment conducted , please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Sales Department on 0860 15 15 15 or e-mail


Yours in security.

Alan Kusevitsky and the CBAR Team