CBAR Quarterly Newsflash- December 2019

Dear Valued CBAR Clients,

Its December yet again and the end of the year and decade are but days away.  Before your holiday begins:-

  •  Please ensure that you have checked and tested your alarm system!
  •  Ensure it is fully functional:
  • Check that alarm signals are reaching our Monitoring Centre when triggered.
  • That all sensors are in working order and that no areas need to be bypassed.
  • The battery backup should be able to sustain the alarm function for 4-8 hours in case of a power outage, or other power disruptions.
  • Outside areas should be cleared of summer growth where foliage can continuously activate beams.
  • Fixed and remote panic buttons should always be in working order.
  • Don’t forget to arm your alarm system, even if only leaving the premises unattended for a short period.
  • Ensure your alarm system is setup so that it can be armed at night as more break-ins currently occur at night than in previous years.
  • Know your alarm code and know your password.  Any house guests who will be using your alarm system should also know these codes, and the correct operating procedures.
  • Make sure you have given CBAR contactable key holders in the event of an emergency or you being uncontactable whilst on holiday.   Email with any keyholder information changes, as this cannot be done telephonically.

Should you wish to have your alarm system serviced, kindly contact our technical department on 0860 151515 or email

For any upgrades to existing systems such as outdoor detection or for CCTV installations, please contact our technical or sales department on 0860 151515.

Please note that our technical department will only deal with technical emergencies on days between Xmas and New Year, as our technical suppliers will all be closed during this period.

CBAR will ensure a full staff compliment over the forth coming festive season and has enlisted additional staff to assist in the operation.

Kindly contact us directly should you wish to discuss any security related issues on our 24 hour number 0860 151515 or via email on

All CBAR staff wish you all a wonderful, safe and relaxing December holiday, and thank you for continuing to entrust us with your security.



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Best wishes and kind regards.


Alan Kusevitsky and the CBAR Team