CBAR Quarterly Newsletter

Dear Valued Clients,

Many of the neighbourhoods within the City Bowl area have been experiencing unprecedented levels of crime, especially over the last number of months.  These include all types of crimes from housebreaking, theft of and out of motor vehicles as well as contact crimes.

We at CBAR have been contacted by numerous residents looking for solutions to all the criminal activity in the various neighbourhoods, none of which seem to be exempt.

In summary, I would advise the following;

Firstly, ensure that your alarm systems are fully functional.  As obvious as this seems, alarm systems are like any other pieces of electronic equipment that requires servicing and maintenance.  If there is a faulty zone showing on your keypad, don’t simply bypass it, have it attended to.

Furthermore, many alarm systems have fixed panic buttons linked to the system, but not every household has remote panic buttons.  These are a critical part of the alarm setup, as often someone may be waiting for a garage door or sliding gate to open and situations arise where help is needed, with the nearest panic button being inside the premises.  Remote panic buttons can be carried in a pocket or on a bunch of keys.  So, if you are gardening or moving around your property and help is required due to you suddenly being confronted by intruders, help is literally an arm’s length away.  Having your domestic staff carry remote panics is the least you can offer them as a line of protection.  Very often, they are surprised by intruders whilst sweeping outside, hanging washing up etc.  Most importantly, they should know how it works and what the desired effect will be, should they push their panic buttons.

For those of you who did not read prior correspondence regarding standard operating procedures on alarm / panic activations, the following will take place should a panic activation be received from your premises;

  • A control room operator will receive the panic signal from your alarm system.
  • A dispatcher will immediately dispatch the nearest reaction vehicle to your specific address, as per our live tracking system.
  • Simultaneously, the control room operator will phone the premises to ascertain what the emergency is.  This is simply done so as to give the Armed Reaction Officer en-route, an indication of the situation that he is responding to.
  • This is to avoid driving past suspects who may be fleeing the scene after the panic was activated as well as to notify SAPS or other emergency services, should it be required.
  • Once on scene, and failing to have made contact with the client, the Armed Reaction Officer will try to gain access onto the premises.
  • Should access not be possible due to electric fences, spikes, high walls etc. the control room will be notified of such by the attending officer.
  • In turn, the control room operator will contact the list of key holders supplied, to inform them that a panic signal was received from that specific premises and that an Armed Reaction Officer is standing by, at the premises.
  • Should you not be able to answer the phone for what-so-ever reason, the Armed Reaction Officer will still respond to your premises.

Secondly: Awareness of your surroundings:

The reality of how many people are surprised by intruders, become victims of smash and grabs or robbed whilst on their cell phones, is an indication of how unaware people are whilst conducting their daily routines.

One sees people walking and talking on their cellphones everywhere and all day long.  We all become soft targets when walking and talking because we become focused on the conversation.  Many high end cell phones can cost up to R15, 000.00 and a criminal just walks up behind you and at an opportune moment, will grab it out of your hand whilst you are walking.  They will run off and that will be the end of the phone.  Even though it may be tracked in some instances, this is not a guarantee it will be recovered.  Easy money for a criminal for a few minutes work.

The same applies to hijackings, which often occur right outside our own homes.  Again we are relaxed when we arrive outside our homes waiting for our gates / garage doors to open.  It is at this exact moment that a vehicle with any number of armed occupants, that has been following you for a while, pulls up directly behind you, boxing you in before that gate is fully open. They immediately run up to the driver’s window and order the driver out.  Often numerous accomplices may surround the vehicle when this happens. Within 60 seconds they can force you out of your vehicle and steal it - a classic textbook high jacking.

Being followed from airports, the office or even a party is common, as they might be looking for the specific vehicle make that you are driving.

This brings us back to levels of awareness;

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Know that your moment of vulnerability for a hijacking could be right outside your front gate and ensure that you check your surroundings in your street before mindlessly stopping outside your front gate/garage. Drive off if you believe you are been followed or have an uneasy feeling when you about to stop your vehicle.
  • Be aware of people walking next to you and around you.  Look up when walking, rather than looking down.
  • The same when driving.  Don’t only look in front of your vehicle.  Check your mirrors regularly when you drive, and ensure your doors are locked. NEVER leave briefcases, laptops, handbags or cellphones on the passenger or back seats, rather put them in the boot before departure.
  • Many of the people perceived to be begging for money at robots are often opportunistic thieves who walk right up to your window to “ask for money.”  This is the perfect opportunity for them to have a quick look for items they can steal in a “smash and grab.”  They pull out a screwdriver or another object to smash a window and operate very fast.  They are aware that you cannot just leave your vehicle to pursue them and more often than not, target women. Just pay attention to people moving around your vehicle when stationary at robots and stop signs.     
  • Shopping malls are also places where people become soft targets.  Criminals often show complete disregard for the cameras.  They may follow you from the shops to your vehicle and rob you of your possessions.  The getaway vehicle has one of its occupants pay the parking ticket at the same time or just after you do, and then after the robbery simply drive out of the parking area.   

Being aware of your surroundings and the people who come into your personal space is so important and with a little more care and awareness of your surroundings while driving and walking around, it is possible to identify possible threats and take the necessary action to avoid becoming a victim of crime.  All day, every day these criminal elements plan their day, looking out for unsuspecting victims.  Don’t hand it to them on a plate!

Management at CBAR would like to congratulate Armed Response Officer, Brett Hayward for 5 arrests he has made in the past month and a half.  These include;

  • 1 Suspect arrested for trespassing in Oranjezicht
  • 1 Suspect arrested for armed robbery in Gardens
  • 1 Suspect arrested for theft out of motor vehicle in Oranjezicht
  • 1 Suspect arrested for trespassing in Higgovale
  • And most recently 1 suspect arrested for house breaking and theft in Gardens



Well done Brett, you are an asset to CBAR and the community.  Keep up the good work!

CBAR are accredited Alarm Installers and do CCTV installations as well.  Should you require a no obligation quotation to upgrade your alarm system or for CCTV, please do not hesitate to contact our offices on 0860 151515.        


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Kind regards and best wishes


Alan Kusevitsky and the CBAR team