CBAR- Newsflash March/April 2016

Dear valued clients,

In previous newsflash communications, various topics pertaining to security issues have been canvassed, some on an on-going basis.

We encourage all clients to please test their alarm systems at least once a month.  To simply switch it on and off and assume it must be working may be a bit naïve.  A low voltage battery or other minor electronic faults on the system may result in a signal not being sent and in turn not being received by our monitoring centre.  It is absolutely imperative that the exercise of testing your alarm be implemented.  Kindly contact our monitoring centre on 0860 151515, preferable during office hours 9am – 5pm to advise when you wish to test your system.

As per your service agreement with CBAR, it clearly states that the maintenance and repairs of all alarm systems remains the responsibility of the client, kindly bear this in mind.

We do receive calls from irate neighbours who very often are at their wits end with a neighbour’s alarm which continually activates for what-so-ever reason.  They are under the impression that because there is a CBAR board on the front of the premises, that the alarm belongs to the company.  Usually after a colourful exchange of words, and threats of legal action against CBAR, who are simply the monitoring company and by no means the “owner of the equipment”, the client is contacted and made aware of the nuisance issue the alarm is causing.  In most cases a service technician is dispatched to resolve the fault.

As recent as last week, a home was burgled and in this instance the alarm was fully functional. The problem was that the alarm system was NOT ARMED.The client then arrived home and called our monitoring centre to inform our staff that they had been burgled and there had been no response from our side.  We dialled into the panel with our software and the event log (found on all alarms) indicated that the alarm had not been armed.  Try to explain that to your insurer! USE YOUR ALARMS…

There are various methods that link the alarm system to the monitoring centre.  A comm-link, which dials through using the phone line.  A radio transmitter, often used as a backup to the phone link and a GSM (SIM card) link.

We have a number of clients who are still only linked via a Telkom line.  Recently there have been a few instances where signals via phone lines do not reach the monitoring centre.  Telkom have been upgrading their systems to fibre optics and the standard voltage for a Telkom line should be in the vicinity of 48 – 52 volts.  Certain tests conducted by our technicians revealed that the voltage on some lines range between 32 – 38 volts and this results in the intermittent signals being sent via a telephone line.  We again strongly recommend to all clients that have their alarm systems linked only via telephone, to seriously consider installing a radio transmitter at a cost of R684.00 (Incl. VAT).  There is also an annual radio license fee of R275.00 (Incl. VAT) payable, as ICASA charges for the use of the radio frequency.

Kindly contact our technical department if you have any queries regarding the installation of a radio transmitter which will make the alarm more effective and acts as a backup should your phone line not be able to communicate the alarm signal.

Theft out of motor vehicles is still rampant in the whole of the city bowl area.  People still leave items visible to criminals lying on car seats.  However, putting items in the car boot is also not a guaranteed way of safeguarding them.  There is an increase in theft out of motor vehicles where the boot is opened from inside, once the car has been broken into. 

It is difficult …..  but try not leave those laptops and the other expensive items in the boot if possible, as the criminals seemed to have worked out that the boot will most likely hold the valuables.

With winter arriving and hopefully some rain, please ensure that all outside detection (beams) get serviced.  If they leak and become water damaged (usually when they age), it may become an expensive exercise to remedy once corrosion sets in.

While on the topic of outside beams, I was recently in a meeting with a group of security service providers and the subject of outside detection was brought up.

Interestingly, insurance companies are paying out exorbitant amounts in claims these days compared to previous years for the repair of security gates and doors.  The reason was placed squarely on outside detection.  Before many homes and businesses had no outside detection, criminals used to quietly and stealthily remove a pane of glass or try to gain access unnoticed.  Now, with the expansion of outdoor detection, criminals are aware that they may trigger the alarms when they get into close proximity of the premises.  The break-ins occur very fast and forcibly, which is how crowbar gangs operate.  In and out in a few minutes as they are aware of that brief gap from the time of the alarm activation to the arrival of the armed reaction.

Armed response service providers responses have also increased dramatically due to the high number of false alarms generated by outside detection caused by bad weather, birds, pets, foliage etc.  Just interesting to know.

CBAR are accredited installers and carry the full range of outdoor detection, should you wish to upgrade your outdoor security.


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Kind regards and best wishes


Alan Kusevitsky and the CBAR Team