CBAR - Newsflash October / November 2015

October / November 2015 Newsflash

Dear all valued clients,

CBAR was recently approached by a neighbourhood watch to give the exact procedure that is followed once a burglary / panic alarm has been triggered.

Here follows the procedure following a burglary (alarm) activation from a client’s alarm.

The control centre operator will receive and acknowledge the signal.  Once the signal appears on our computer screens after being received via our base stations and any special instructions pertaining to that client will pop up.

The controller that handles that signal will call the landline number from whence the signal was generated; alternatively the first cell phone number given on the contact list.

Special instructions are then followed.

Importantly:  If the client confirms that the activation was accidental and a correct password is given, a response vehicle will NOT be dispatched.

If an incorrect password is given, a response vehicle will be dispatched to investigate and the response officer will be advised that someone on the premises has given an incorrect password.

No reply from the premises, dispatch an armed response vehicle.

Our vehicles are dispatched via our live tracker system and booked down when they switch off the vehicle outside the premises.

After an investigation of the premises the response officer will give the necessary feedback to the control room operator.

If a full check of the premises can’t be conducted due to the limited access or vicious dogs etc. or if the response officer finds any irregularities, the client and key holder must be contacted to attend the premises.

A numbered slip should be left by the attending response officer explaining all actions taken.  This slip number is recorded on our system via the control room operator.

If the alarm re-activates, the response officer is re-dispatched.  The key holder/s must be contacted and procedure followed again, again asking for the cancellation code (password).

This password is only ever discussed between the control room operator and the client.  There is never an instance where a client has to give a password to the attending armed response officer.  All communications are done via the control room and are recorded for future reference should it be required, for whatsoever reason.

For panic activations, the same procedures are followed, except that a vehicle is dispatched to the premises before the actual call is made, in order to reduce the response times.  Alarms do activate falsely for a number of reasons, but a panic button has to have been pushed, even if by user error.

On receipt of a correct password, the vehicle en-route will be cancelled and diverted to the next outstanding signal.  A panic signal is accorded the highest priority signal, followed by a burglary.

If the alarm/ panic is activated in error, do not call the control room as the signal will be automatically dialling through the phone line (and radio transmitter) if a landline is connected to the alarm.  The controller will get an engaged signal if the premises landline is being used.

This is the reason; a password should be kept secret and only given to trusted and responsible key holders.  It should also be changed from time to time.  Updated key holder information should also be supplied to your security service provider.  Any change of information should be done, in writing and not given telephonically!

CBAR is heading towards its busiest period, when businesses close and families go on their year-end vacations.  It is also the time of year when, historically there is an increase in criminal activity.  Many unattended homes and businesses create a perfect opportunity for criminals and syndicates to commit break-ins.

It is absolutely imperative that alarms are tested and checked before the festive season.  Having been in the industry for the past 22 years, it is still amazing just how many people contact CBAR offices right up to and including Christmas day to report that their alarm is faulty, and has been for some time.  Our technical department is open year round, but between Christmas and New Year we generally like to deal with emergency repairs, rather than new installations.

Should you wish to have an alarm installed or upgraded, kindly contact our offices, on

0860 151515 to arrange for a quotation / installation before 15 December 2015.

CBAR is also offering to service and check alarm systems at a special rate of R385.00 (Incl. VAT) for the call out.  Any parts required will be charged for separately.  We strongly recommend you take advantage of this offer to avoid any alarm issues.  Alarm systems are electronic systems that require a service at least once a year, now being the perfect time!!

Our control centre is completely reliant on your alarm system being fully functional in order to receive the signal and information to our base stations.  No signals received, equates to no armed response arrival.

Should any of your contact details or key holder information have changed, kindly email us at to update.

CBAR, 24 hours a day, only minutes away!

Kind regards and best wishes

Alan Kusevitsky and the CBAR Team