News Flash- October 2014

                                                                                                                                     31st October 2014

Dear Valued Clients,

It’s incredible to believe the rate at which the year is heading to an end.

CBAR is facing its busiest time of the year as are all the other security companies, whilst the majority of the hardworking citizens are going to be winding down, and many businesses will be closing.  To assist us in providing you with a consistently high level of service, we ask you to kindly ensure the following when planning your vacation away from home;


Kindly advise us of your departure and return dates, so that CBAR is aware when the premises will be vacant.  This assists in the fact that your special instructions will reflect that no-one is supposed to be on the premises and would be interpreted by our monitoring centre staff as a “suspicious activation”, should your alarm trigger in your absence.


It is imperative that we have your updated contact numbers / key holder information on our system, so that in your absence and to assist in responses to your premises, we are able to make contact with you at all times.  In the event that there will be other occupants other than yourselves in your homes during an absence, they should know how to operate your alarm correctly as well as have the correct password.  This will assist us by preventing the wasting of time and resources on unnecessary call outs.


With the strong winds experienced in our summer months, we would ask that all foliage and shrubs that can and do trigger outdoor detection be trimmed adequately.  This is the single biggest problem experienced throughout the armed response industry related to false alarms; second to user error.  As soon as the wind starts blowing, the control centre has a massive influx of false alarms related to outdoor sensors being agitated by foliage.  These continue to trigger whilst the wind blows, creating thousands of unnecessary, additional signals that have to be actioned by control centre staff.  In turn, the Armed Response also have to attend the same premises continuously, resulting in lower response times on windy days.


With so many forms of perimeter security such as spikes, electric fences and high walls in place, the Armed Reaction officers will need to access your premises to do a complete perimeter inspection in the event of an alarm activation.

If you have a property that is difficult, if not impossible to access, kindly contact our offices on 0860 151515, so that a consultant can offer you an electronic access solution, preventing positive intrusions being missed.


Alarm systems, like other electronic systems, need to be tested on a regular basis and serviced at least once a year.  Wiring and components corrode, batteries backups run low, (especially due to excessive loadshedding), putting excessive loads onto the 12 volt battery backup.  Detection equipment such as sensors and beams need cleaning and testing, in all, an alarm system needs to be cared for and maintained.

It is too late if an event has occurred and your alarm has failed to communicate the signal to the control centre, due to bad maintenance.  Please test your alarm system in conjunction with our control room staff, preferably in off peak times between 9am - 4pm, Monday to Friday or anytime over a weekend.

If your alarm has NOT been serviced in the past year, kindly contact our technical department to arrange for a service technician.  It is far less traumatic to discover your alarm system is not working before an event, as opposed to afterwards.


The number of break-ins that still occur into premises where the alarm was not armed is staggering.  ARM YOUR ALARM, your insurer may repudiate your claim if it is part of the policy requirements to have an alarm that is ARMED.


I’m sure everyone reading this news bulletin, watches the news and reads daily newspapers.  In the recent months, especially the past 3, the massive and shocking increase in mall robberies and break-ins both commercial and domestic, has caused serious concern amongst business owners and law enforcement agencies / security service providers.

As December draws closer, I believe this will continue to increase and historically, December is a high crime month, with exception of domestic break-ins which is often lower in December for some bizarre reason.

Vigilance is everything, whether in a mall, your street, parking area or at work.  Ensure that you check your car doors are in fact LOCKED, after using the remote to lock the doors.  Criminals hide in vehicles in parking areas or near shops and use “jamming devices” to jam the signal of your remote when locking the doors.  The vehicle is therefore not locked and they help themselves to its contents when you are away.  Use your remote and try a door handle to ensure it is locked, before leaving your vehicle.

Visit our website on for all the latest crime incidents, most of which are currently in Tamboerskloof!


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Kind regards and best wishes


Alan Kusevitsky and the CBAR Team