News Flash July 2014

                                                                                                                                       8th August 2014

Dear Valued Clients,

I would dearly love to one day write a newsletter proclaiming that the crime was almost non-existent in our area for a single month, but alas, it will not be July 2014.08.07

Visit our web-site on to view our list of incident records for the month.

A concern that has always existed, but has now become prolific again is the break-ins into garages.  With domestic properties it is possible to connect an alarm sensor in the garage to the main alarm, usually with a wired or wireless option. The alarm will be switched off via a remote before entering, preventing the alarm from activating. Unfortunately, and this is where the highest number of garage break-ins have occurred, are garages within complexes and beneath flats.

We are aware that in one night alone, 3 blocks of flats had garages broken into at the end of July.  The modus operandi is to remove the sliding gate off its track and use heavy duty bolt cutters to remove the locks.  Certain garage doors with electric motors were forced open, but cutting off locks was most common.

Items stolen included bicycles, sports goods, power tools, tool boxes, boxes of spirits and a myriad of other items that one normally stores in a garage.

On inspection it was noted by our officers, who made an arrest at one of the blocks that many of the locks are old and rusted and are really easy to cut off.  It would be advisable to buy a very good quality lock as the value of the items stored inside certain garages was very high.  Should you consider having your garage alarmed, kindly contact our sales department who will set up an appointment to assess your garage.

CCTV - Getting with the times

Currently, with many consumers using smart phones, tablets and various other means to communicate with one another, so too has this led to the CCTV market booming.  Modern society is addicted to being in contact with one another via emails, BBM, WhatsApp, Facebook; the list is endless and continually growing.

CBAR has now expanded into the CCTV market in a big way and there are numerous options available, including a stand-alone, plug and play application camera that can be placed anywhere within your home / business by yourself with a 2 way speaker.  Talk to your children or have a look at your home via smartphone.  The cost is R2400.00 (VAT Incl.) per camera.  CBAR can also install a multiple camera setup inside and outside your premises that can, again be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time. Should your alarm activate, you are able to view what is happening on your property in real time.

There is a 4 camera package comprising of 4 high resolution 650 TVL cameras, 500GB HD DVR, 100m RG59 cable BNC connector, plugs and power supply from R9995.00 (VAT Incl.) fully installed with a 3 year guarantee. (Terms and conditions apply)

The extent of the installations and the number of cameras for a particular application can be assessed by our consultants.  We have chosen a quality range of cameras and related products, rather than the “cheap and nasty” that can be purchased at DIY stores.

The point is, we all like to be in touch and by being in touch with our homes and businesses at any point in time, gives us peace of mind and a better sense of security.

Please contact our offices on 0860 151515 for a “no obligations” quotation for your premises.

Point of interest; Between January 2014 and June 2014, CBAR vehicles have driven an average of 43124 kms per month in our area of operation.  That translates to an awesome number of kms of visible patrolling and responses!

Lastly, ensure that we have your current email addresses and most recent contact details, as many clients do not inform us of these changes, making it difficult to contact you in an emergency.

CBAR, 24 hours a day, only minutes away!

Kind regards and best wishes

Alan Kusevitsky and the CBAR Team