Newsflash-March 2014

3rd April 2014

Dear Clients,

CBAR has had an exceptionally busy March with numerous call-ins to report suspicious persons or behaviour  witnessed by members of neighbourhood watches and homeowners in general, having become more aware that there is an increase in crime, especially in the residential areas

Our officers have approached suspicious vehicles and persons ensuring that our presence is being felt by potential criminal elements.  Again, the hardest hit area as far as house break-ins are concerned has been Tamboerskloof, this according to a combination of our stats as well as the neighbourhood watch’s stats.  (See our web-site for full details on

There have still been a number of break-ins where clients have failed to arm their alarm system when exiting their premises.  Generally after a break-in, the insurance company involved will contact our offices and request an alarm status report.  On this, all alarm activity received by our control centre will be documented.  A further request from insurers might include that the alarm panel be uploaded, as every alarm system has an event log.  This is simply the alarm system being able to store hundreds of events, such as arming, disarming and a multitude of signals that are sent to our control centre.  If the insurer can see from this report that an alarm system was armed and functional at the time of the intrusion, they should have no problem in paying out for the claim.  If however, in the event that your alarm system was in fact not armed during the intrusion, then it is highly unlikely that the insurer will pay out the claim if it is a condition of your insurance cover.

On an advisory note, it is imperative that the battery backup for your alarm system be of the correct voltage, which is 12 volts +.  Should your voltage drop to below 10 volts this could result in a failure of your radio transmitter triggering and no signal being sent to the monitoring centre. In turn this could result in no armed reaction being dispatched.  There is no given life span for a battery backup, as it is dependent on how often we have power outages or how many sensors might be drawing current from the alarm system during a power failure.  We strongly recommend that an alarm be serviced and checked at least once a year and during this service the voltage on the battery will be tested and any issues related to the system will be communicated to you.  With the onset of winter, now would be a good time to have it checked!

We are still continuously experiencing a handful of clients with VERY overactive alarms, resulting in the armed response having to attend the premises repeatedly for no reason and at CBAR’s expense.  Should you receive a letter from our administrative department, please ensure that you assist as far possible in remedying your alarm fault.  This will help us at CBAR provide you with a more efficient service.

March also saw some successful arrests. One of our motorcycle patrol officers, ARO A Davids, whilst on patrol in Burg Street, Cape Town Central, noticed a crowd, as well as security officers, who were pursuing a suspect into Church Street.  ARO A Davids himself, assisted with the arrest of the suspect in Church Street who fled after an attempted armed robbery at an accessory store in Burg street.  Considering the suspect initially had a pistol in his possession, it could have turned out rather nasty as the security guards in attendance were not armed.

Pictured below is ARO A Davids on the 18.03.2014, leading the suspect away from the arrest scene to awaiting police vehicle.  Picture courtesy of the Cape Times.

Also on the 18.03.2014 at around 2pm, whilst on patrol, one of our vehicles near our head office in Buitenkant Street, came across an accident scene involving a motorcycle and a mini-van.

The reaction officer immediately radioed our control centre and our Medic was dispatched to the scene. The driver of the motorcycle, in a letter to us, stated “I’ve suffered some physical damage (bruised toes, broken collar bone, cracked rib and blow to the head) so need to go for surgery and possible physio afterwards. The lady who attended to me was very professional and well equipped – thanks again”.

Well done to Medic Rozelle van Loggerenberg for her continued professionalism.

From OH Watch News:

Greg Castle  - Owner & MD  Torquil Strategic Marketing

“Superb response from Watch Com and City Bowl Security in apprehending a black male who had broken into a vehicle on Alexandra Ave at 5am this morning (Sun 2nd). After hearing the break in and my subsequent call, the response was brilliant, 3 vehicles within minutes, caught the guy in the act, after rumbling through the cubbyhole and apparently writing down vehicle registration details from the documents within the car. Obviously for 'registration cloning' purposes. Great team work”!

And finally “What a pleasure dealing with City Bowl Armed Response. Admin wise faultless. Attending security callouts the guards are thorough in their inspection of the premises.  Call centre always responsive, phone when I am working late.  A rare experience these days.  My previous armed response service provider was too bloated administratively.  I waited ages in their call centre, luckily never in a emergency situation.  Well Done CBAR I referred you to friends who have signed up with your services already.  Kind regards Rodger Browne, Cape Watch Tools.

Wishing all our clients and neighbourhood watches a Happy Easter and a Chag Sameach to all our Jewish clients.

CBAR………………………24 hours a day, only moments away.

Kind regards and best wishes

Alan Kusevitsky and the CBAR team



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