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News Flash-September 2013

Dear Clients,

On the 22nd August 2013 at approximately 07.45am an interesting occurrence happened outside our offices whilst I was sitting at my desk, which overlooks the corner of Myrtle and Upper Buitenkant Streets.

There was a screeching of tyres followed by a loud bang.  This is fairly much the norm as there is usually one accident a week that occurs at this intersection.  Myself and various members of our staff went out onto the balcony which overlooks the accident scene.  As per the picture below, a dark grey Hyundai had shot a stop street and hit a mini bus taxi which was driving up Upper Buitenkant Street.  Certain members of staff, including our medic, went down to the scene, to offer assistance and to check if there was anyone that needed medical assistance.

As usual, a crowd started gathering.  Most onlookers were focused on the damage caused to the vehicles which is normal at any accident scene.  There were no major injuries.  I did however notice that the driver of the Hyundai exit his vehicle and immediately take out his cell phone and started walking away from the accident scene.  At no point did he show any interest in the damage caused by his reckless driving. 

I also observed at the back of the vehicle a box of tissues and other effects that did not seem to match up to that of the profile of the driver.  I pointed this out to staff members who were next to me on the balcony and became aware that he was slowly trying to move away from the accident scene.  There are only a few reasons that he want to would leave the scene, but in my opinion he was in a stolen vehicle.  I rushed downstairs and called after him, at this point he was some 50 meters down Upper Buitenkant Street from where the accident occurred.  He voluntarily came towards me still on his cell phone and I accompanied him back to “his vehicle”.

Upon closer inspection I noticed that the license disk had been obscured with toothpaste and the vehicle registration plates had another set of plates stuck over them with double sided tape. His explanation was that his cousin’s child had put the toothpaste on the license disk.  At this point he began walking away from the accident scene down Myrtle Street.  I gestured to the taxi driver who was standing next to me at the time that the driver of the other vehicle was attempting to flee the scene and shouted to some of my staff to alert our vehicles.  Myself and the taxi driver then started chasing the “suspect” who took off at full speed, running up and over the Freeway in rush hour traffic. 

We chased “the suspect” for about 500 meters and I turned in another direction and “the suspect” followed by the taxi driver ended up running towards me. He turned around as was caught by the taxi driver and brought back to the accident scene.  SAPS was then in attendance and “the suspect” was handed over to them.

The vehicles were cordoned off and the detectives arrived on the scene. When “the suspect” was morpho-touched (finger printed) it was found that he had an outstanding warrant of arrest for murder.

Interestingly enough he admitted to the police, in my presence, that he was the driver of a vehicle which contained 3 other suspects, two women and a male that had come into the area to break-in to houses.  His cell phone calls after the accident were obviously to alert these three accomplices of what had happened.  He was aware of the LPR cameras as the license disk had been covered and the false number plates had been placed over the genuine ones.  All in all a very successful arrest!

I again want to warn clients that there is still at least one if not more gangs operating in the City Bowl area, particularly in houses boarding the mountain, that are predominantly stealing large, flat screen TV’s.  They enter the premises even with alarm systems that are armed and only in the morning are the break-ins discovered.  I have, in previously correspondence advised that, where possible, certain areas within the house, especially the TV / lounge area have the PIR sensor active whilst in stay mode.  This should trigger if your TV is being removed.

In certain break-ins, alarm systems were not armed.  This could result in insurers not paying out for a claim. 


We at CBAR would like to wish all our Jewish clients “SHANA TOVA” and well over the Fast. 

And to each and every one of you, welcome to spring (excuse the snow on Table Mountain)!!!!!!!

Kind regards


Alan Kusevitsky and the CBAR Team