News Flash-August 2013

Dear Client,

For the month of July there was a fairly significant increase of criminal activity in our area of operation.  Particularly in the residential areas of Oranjezicht, Higgovale and Tamboerskloof.  A number of houses bordering Table Mountain / Nature Reserve as well as Signal Hill have been targeted.

In one incident a property in Bridal Road had their fence cut, which is bordering on the Nature Reserve and the suspects then gained entry into the property by forcing the back door open. Unfortunately the alarm was not armed, but due to a vigilant neighbour our Control Centre was notified and Armed Response was dispatched. No arrests were made.  Upon investigating the break-in, CBAR staff members, Mr. Cyril Jilander our Operations Manager and Armed Response Supervisor Craig Nicholls, found that the suspects had hidden most of the stolen items, including an expensive flat screen TV at their point of entry.  These were later returned to the client as the criminals would surely have returned at a later stage to collect these items.

Kenmore Road in Tamboerskloof has also been a crime hot spot and two properties at the very top were burgled within a few days of each other.  There is currently a building site between the two properties and I would like to highlight that with 21 years experience in this industry, it is very common for burglaries and theft to occur in and around building sites.  Many contractors who do not have a full work force simply collect workers from the side of the road on a daily basis without doing any reference checks.  From previous arrests many of those that have been caught either currently work for, or had worked for contractors near properties that had been burgled.  Please pay special attention to any areas where building or maintenance is in progress as these criminal elements may be working next door to your house.  They often get to “pattern” residents’ behaviour i.e. what time the property is vacant, domestic staff etc.

On the 3rd August 2013, at 9.30am, our control room received a call from a CBAR client, who witnessed an intrusion into a neighbouring property in Buitengracht Street, Bo-Kaap.  R10 Bike Patrol Officer Davids was dispatched and arrived within 4 minutes and arrested 1 suspect who were handed over to SAPS.

Also Saturday 3rd August, CBAR our control room received a burglary activation at 04.51am from a Restaurant in the Public gardens in Queen Victoria Street.  R25 with Armed Response Officer Mphumzi Pekezela was dispatched and 5 minutes later he arrested a suspect that had broken into the premises and stolen a number of cartons of cigarettes.

CBAR has endeavoured to increase its night time presence in the area.  Kindly do not be alarmed if you notice very slow moving CBAR vehicles with their lights dimmed so as not to alert criminals to their presence.  They carry powerful spot lights and are able to observe movement more easily.  Many clients and other residents have communicated with us that they have been seeing our vehicles around quite often in the night and especially the early morning when leaving their homes. 

Our Armed Response Officers conducting these patrols have been able to detect more suspicious persons and behaviour this way.  These Armed Response Officers are still reporting a high number of gates and garages that are left open at night and have been alerting the occupants to this.  “Many are not CBAR clients!”

For all of those clients that leave South Africa to go abroad for any length of time, kindly ensure that you have notified us of the following either via email or fax before departure;

  1. Departure and return dates
  2. Key holders’ names together with their contact numbers.
  3. Email us on or fax us on 0860 151516.
  4. Should you need to contact us from abroad kindly use the following telephone number 00 27 21 462 1850, as the 0860 151515 number is only for calls made within South Africa.


Enjoy the long weekend


Alan Kusevitsky and the CBAR Team