News Flash-July 2013

Dear Clients,

Our records reflect that for the 2 weeks preceding 27th June 2013 there was very little criminal activity to report.  This could largely be attributed to the fact that SAPS had an operation in the City Bowl area from the 17th – 24th June 2013 during which 53 persons were arrested for various offences.  A further operation was held from the 25th June – 1st July 2013 and a further 36 persons were arrested.

Unfortunately there were still criminal incidents that took place especially from the 27th – 30th June 2013 where there were a number of break-ins in the City Bowl area. 

The modus operandi is still one where criminals are removing a pane of glass and entering the premises while clients are asleep.  As mentioned in a previous newsflash, most alarms when armed in “stay mode”, bypass most of the motion detection sensors.  There are obviously criminals that have knowledge on the functionality of alarm systems and are using this to by-pass them so as to avoid detection when breaking into premises.  Again, should you require assistance in ensuring your alarm systems effectiveness, please contact our technical department on 0860 151515.

On the 30th June 2013 at 14.57pm, CBAR control centre received a panic signal from Lodge Road in Oranjezicht.  Vehicles R26 and R27 were dispatched and arrived 2 minutes later.  R27, response officer King, entered the premises and confronted and arrested the intruder who was in possession of a wallet, digital camera, an iPad, clothing and 2 iPhones, a laptop was also found concealed behind a bin.  All items were recovered and the suspect was handed over to SAPS.

Please be on the look out for an older shape white Golf, which has been seen without number plates leaving the scene of several burgled properties. Please notify CBAR if any suspicious vehicles are seen in your area.  Also, should you arrive home or at your place of business and notice a number of persons sitting in a vehicle close to the premises, that in your opinion could constitute suspicious behaviour, do not exit your vehicle but rather call our control centre with a description of the vehicle and address, and allow the armed reaction to investigate.

Too often people arrive at home and are already focussing on dinner or finishing off a cell phone call etc, whilst their gate is opening.  It is at this exact point that hijackings/ home invasions occur and it is very important that your awareness level is heightened at this exact point in time, so as to avoid being surprised by a criminal element that was awaiting your return.

Kindly ensure that CBAR has your updated contact information, in other words your responsible persons / key holders for your property, as often the primary key holder is uncontactable and during an emergency at a property it is imperative that our control centre staff are able to make contact with a designated responsible person for that particular property.  Should a cell phone or other contact number be changed please ensure CBAR is emailed or faxed with the new details. 

Over the past 14 years CBAR has provided a monitoring and armed response service to many homes and businesses.  I firmly believe that the reason the company has gone from strength to strength is the fact that all the staff are of the understanding that attention to each and every client individually is of paramount importance.  From personal experience, whether it be dealing with a pool company, tree fellers, a retail outlet or cell phone company etc, the service levels have very often been of a very low standard.  Phone calls are not returned; appointments are not kept or run later than arranged and so on.  The point is, I would like to believe that CBAR runs a tight ship and we absolutely strive to provide a service level beyond the norm.  Should any client feel contrary to this or has an unresolved issue, kindly contact and the matter will be dealt with expediently. NOTHING BEATS GREAT SERVICE!

Judging by the number of compliments received from clients, an increase in our client base and the number of armed response subscribers changing over from other companies, I believe that our current service level is way above the acceptable industry norms.

Wishing you all a safe fantastic weekend.


Alan Kusevitsky and the CBAR Team