News Flash-May 2013

Dear Clients,

Our statistics have shown that for the past 3 years, May month has been the month with the highest criminal incidents and this month has been no exception.  Tamboerskloof in particular have had more than 16 housebreakings and more than a dozen cars broken into this month.

On a more positive note, on the 18th May 2013 at 14.04pm, our control centre received a call from an unknown female who reported a housebreaking in progress in Sir George Grey Street, Oranjezicht.  2 vehicles were dispatched, R26 and R27 and the control centre also notified SAPS, as well as the neighbourhood watch.  Our first vehicle arrived on scene in just over 2 minutes and spotted 2 male suspects drop a number of items and run in the direction of Breda and Prince Street. The suspects were chased and apprehended by our armed reaction officers. Upon investigation it was found that they had broken into a unit in Marynin Court.  Access had been gained via the rear sliding door.  The flat was alarmed, but the alarm was not armed at the time of the housebreaking.  CBAR officers recovered 2 laptops, 2 digital cameras, 1 PS3 and 1 flat screen TV set.  The result was 2 nice arrests and one very happy homeowner.

Please visit our web-site each Friday as updated crime statistics are posted weekly on

Important points to note;

  1. According to the weather office we are in for some stormy weather this weekend.  There is usually a spike in criminal activity during windy and rainy conditions as this weather normally masks the sound of breaking glass etc.  So please be more vigilant during these periods and again leave NOTHING in your vehicle if it is parked on street, as we have often seen cars being broken into simply to steal a jersey lying on the seat, especially during the colder months.
  1. Our patrol officers have noticed an increasing number of driveway gates and garage doors being left open at night.  For your own safety, before retiring at night, ensure that you have checked all external gates and garage doors properly.  Criminals love open garage doors as there are usually a wide variety of power tools, sporting goods and a number of other valuables that are stored in the garage, which make for easy pickings.
  1. With rainy weather it is a common occurrence that ants will seek dry, warm areas to build a nest.  This could include the inside of an outdoor sensor, as well as in the control panel of your alarm, a washing machine, tumble dryer base or even in the area around the motor of a fridge.  A suggestion is to spray a small circle of Doom on the wall around your indoor sensors and control panel, if accessible.  For outside beams that are wall mounted, a regular spray around the sensor would also suffice in preventing ants from nesting inside the sensor causing it to activate continuously.  Please ensure that no insecticides are sprayed directly onto the sensors.
  1. It is imperative that the battery backup on your alarm system is at the correct voltage, namely between 12 – 13 volts.  Should the voltage drop to less than 10 volts there is a high probability that your radio transmitter will not trigger due to inadequate voltage on the battery.

The average life span of a battery is approximately 3 years depending on how often the mains power has been down.  Under normal circumstances the control centre would send an sms out to the designated key holder stating that there has been an AC fail (mains power) or a low battery signal which indicates that the voltage on the battery is low.

With the approach of winter we may or may not have power outages, but it is not the right time to discover whether your battery backup will support the functioning of your alarm. 

An additional power pack comprising of a secondary battery and transformer is an additional backup which should be in place, especially when an alarm has a number of outside beams that are hardwired to the system due to the fact that these draw a fair amount of current.

Should you have any doubts about your battery backup, please contact our technical department for advice on 0860 151515.

On that note, I would like to wish you all a warm and safe weekend.

Kind regards

            Alan Kusevitsky and the CBAR Team