News Flash and Signboards

Dear Clients,

On the 22nd April 2013 at approximately 15.34pm, CBAR control centre received a distress call from a member of the public that alerted us to the fact that a male person

had just jumped over into their neighbours property in Leeukloof Drive Tamboerskloof.  An armed reaction vehicle R24 was immediately dispatched and arrived 2 minutes after the phone call was received.  Upon arrival the officer intercepted the suspect exiting the premises and found him in possession of a bag containing various items that were stolen from the house, including a cell phone and modem.  Within 6 minutes, 2 additional armed reaction vehicles R26 and R27 arrived at the scene to provide backup support.  Watchcom was also informed.  On further inspection it was found that a rear window had been smashed at the back of the house.  SAPS arrived and removed the suspect.

Also on the 22nd April 2013 at 16.03pm a call was received from a client in Strand Street to inform us that a suspect had smashed the windscreen of a car with a stone which was parked outside their premises.  Our motorcycle patrol officer on R10 was dispatched and within 4 minutes he arrived to find the suspect still on scene, he was then arrested.

Then on the 23rd April 2013 at 08.40am our control centre received a panic signal from a Vodacom store in Sea Point.  A third party armed response company was dispatched and a male suspect was apprehended and arrested for credit card Fraud.

On Friday the 26th April 2013 at 08.15am in Gardens, one of our foot patrol officers, B14 reported that he had witnessed a suspect break into a white Corsa bakkie and steal a laptop.  The suspect was apprehended at the vehicle by our ever vigilant foot patrol officer and an arrest was made.  SAPS removed the suspect. It is not advisable to break into a vehicle whilst being observed by a security officer!!!

Also on Friday 26th April 2013 at 13.27pm one of our officers on patrol reported that a child had been knocked over by a white Polo and had received head injuries.  CBAR medical response vehicle R26 was dispatched and arrived in less than 2 minutes.  Medical assistance was rendered to the injured child until ER24 medics as well as Fire and Rescue arrived on the scene.  The patient was then transported to Cape Town Medi-Clinic.

We request that all CBAR clients who have deterrent signboards that are missing or not been replaced after renovations or are looking and old and

faded, to kindly call our offices on 0860 151515 or email us on to arrange replacement signboards.  These deterrent sign boards are important to us as;

Firstly, they offer a deterrent value to would be criminals who are aware that we are based in the area and could be aware that should they attempt to break in and trigger an alarm, the armed response would not be far away.

Secondly, we have a very large client base in our area of operation. Our patrol officers associate a sign board with a premises belonging to a client, so whilst on patrol, should they see anything untoward or any suspicious persons in the vicinity of a client premises they will react accordingly.  If there is no signboard displayed, the officer will on a routine patrol, be unaware that the premises are protected by CBAR.

Most importantly, as demonstrated in the incident in Leeukloof Drive and almost on a daily basis, signboards assist the public in being able to notify us if there is criminal activity in progress.  Members of the public and non CBAR clients who make such observations often rely on the signboard of CBAR to call our control centre to report the incident.  More often than not these phone-ins result in an arrest as the suspects are not aware that they have been seen and the CBAR patrol officers have time to react even before the alarm activates.


Kind regards

Alan Kusevitsky and the CBAR Team