Due to our geographical position it has for a number of years been CBAR?s obligation to become far more committed to, and involved in neighborhood watch projects. Many neighborhoods have in recent years become more proactive in fighting crime within their neighborhoods and CBAR has also been stepped up its level proactive security.

CBAR has been on call to provide assistance in situations that members of the community find themselves in, and require urgent and immediate assistance.

Together with residence in Oranjezicht/Higgovale (OH Watch), Devil?s Peak/Vredehoek (DPV Watch) and Tamboerskloof (TBK Watch) CBAR has been instrumental in assisting with numerous arrests that have been witnessed by members of these neighborhood watch programmes.

OH Watch and DPV Watch have provided our control centre with handheld radios which are on the same frequency as their members. These radios allow our control room staff to be in direct contact with SAPS and all the neighborhood watch members that are in possession of these radios.

Besides radio checks, our control room staff constantly monitor these radios, in the event that our assistance be required.